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Nov 18, 2016

Chair and armchair, Chair evolved. The most obvious feature is attached to the back Rails, a let down from high to low, can make people leaning on the arms of ring-shaped armrests, and feel very comfortable, very popular. Beautiful shapes round, plump strong, is one of our nation's unique Chair styles. Later evolved into armchair specially for indoor use. It and spot the difference is that without crossing the legs, and four-legged, to wood surfaces, and chassis no different from the usual Chair. Just above the seat retains the form of spot. The chairs are on display, put alone is not much. Armchair Chair circle is an arc, roundwood is coordination. --Mostly light pigment technique, only in the middle of the back panel embossed patterns on a set of simple, but very thin. Backplane are made into "s" shaped curve that is made according to the curves of the human spine, as a typical example of the Ming-style furniture, scientific.

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