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When furniture and philanthropy come together
Mar 30, 2017

I’d like to shift gears this week from our regular focus on strategies to improve your business and instead talk about some people who are working to improve the lives of others less fortunate.

On May 16, the Salvation Army of High Point will hold its inaugural Darrell and Stella Harris Champion of Hope Dinner. The event honors the long-standing commitment of Furnitureland South founders Darrell and Stella Harris, who generously supported the organization both professionally and personally.

In speaking recently about the event with Captain Bobby Jackson who runs the local chapter, he recalled the deep and consistent commitment Mrs. Harris made to the organization over the years, often going so far as to write a personal check for unexpected local needs, in addition to her work on the board and through Furnitureland South’s donations.

That commitment is being carried on by sons Jeff and Jason Harris, who have not only continued Furnitureland South’s commitment but have chosen to make it a personal commitment as well. This past Christmas the pair and each of their children attended an event at the local offices, bringing gifts and needed items to a group of underprivileged young people. The goal was to not only make a charitable donation but to teach the next generation of potential FLS leaders the important lessons of service and community that Stella and Darrell made sure their sons understood.

The Champion of Hope dinner this spring, supported by founding sponsorships from FLS and Heritage Home Group, is not only a chance to recognize this year’s Champion of Hope honoree or to remember the efforts of Stella and Darrell Harris. It’s a chance to encourage donations at a time of year when, historically, the organization is forced to operate at a shortfall.

“It’s unfortunate that donations always dry up in the summer, which is a time of year when people’s needs are often the greatest,” Captain Jackson said, explaining that with children home from school for the summer, food and utility budgets often rise for low income families, making the support of the Salvation Army all the more important.

It’s one reason the local chapter is trying to find new ways of raising funds for the summer and settled on this dinner as one potential outlet. In addition to the dinner, the organization has been proactively reaching out to furniture companies at theHigh Point Market, seeking donations of market samples and discontinued furniture that can be turned into necessary funds.

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