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Leather Sofa Maintenance Tips

Jun 09, 2017

  Leather sofa maintenance tips

  1. Ensure room ventilation. Too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of the leather; Second, the leather sofa should not be placed directly to the sun, and do not place directly on the air-conditioning place, this will make the leather hardened, faded.

  2. Do not use soapy water and other cleaning. Do not use soapy water, detergent, care wax and so on to clean and maintain the leather sofa. Soapy water, detergent and other cleaning products not only can not effectively remove the dust accumulated in the furniture surface, they have a certain corrosive, which will damage the furniture surface, so that furniture becomes bleak. At the same time, if the water penetrates into the wood, but also lead to moldy wood or local deformation, shorten the service life.

  3. Do not rub heavily. Although it is leather sofa but can not stand strong external force. Sofa material is different, the same method of maintaining the sofa, leather sofa in the maintenance of not to worry about the friction, so as to avoid the surface of the material wear and tear. Clean with a dry cotton cloth for regular cleaning. Do not wipe the sofa skin too much, to avoid sharp scratched leather, it is best placed in dry and ventilated place.

  4, regular cleaning. Once a week with a clean towel dipped in water wring dry after the sofa wipe. If there is any stain on the leather, wipe with a clean wet sponge dipped in detergent, or wipe with a cloth dampened with the appropriate amount of soap and water, and let it dry naturally. First wipe the wet towel with water, wring dry after the surface of the sofa to remove the dust and dirt, and then gently wipe the surface of the sofa with one or two times (do not use waxy care products), so that the skin surface to form a protective film So that the future of the dirt is not easy to deep into the pores, easy to clean later. When cleaning the dust on the paint, do not use chemical brightener to wipe, you can dust off the dust, gently wipe with a soft cloth.

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