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Sofa Use The Existence Of Errors

Jun 09, 2017

  Sofa use the existence of errors

  May be a lot of friends to produce such doubts: the sofa what is the use of errors? Sitting on the top is not right? Use the sofa there is no small knowledge it!

  1, do not sit soft sofa. If the sofa is too soft, the support of the human body is not stable, people will subconsciously move the body to seek a new balance and stability of the body, so a long time sitting soft sofa will make people feel back pain and fatigue. While sitting on a soft sofa is difficult to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the spine, a long time will make the back muscles tension induced lumbar spine pain.

  2, do not sleep when the sofa bed. Because for a long time sitting on the sofa, if the posture is not appropriate, the sofa will be applied to the muscles of some kind of abnormal tension and pressure, over time, will cause excessive growth of collagen. Collagen excessive production, it will react, causing muscle pain, the course of time, will affect the normal development of bones.

  3, select the ergonomic requirements of the sofa. In the purchase of the sofa to pay attention to the following aspects. One is sitting high, the appropriate height should be quite equal with the knee height. The second is the depth, when the maximum by sitting on the sofa when the knee is still outside the sofa surface is appropriate Third, the angle, if the angle is too large, the neck will soon feel sore. In the test when you can observe the waist and sofa whether there is a gap, the angle of the sofa is not appropriate. Four is the height of the backrest, sit down to reach between the shoulder and the ear is appropriate

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