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Look At The Quality Of The Sofa Filler Material

Jun 09, 2017

  1. Look at the quality of the sofa filler material

  The concrete method is to use the hand to press the sofa armrest and the back, if can obviously feel the wooden frame existence, then proved this set of sofa fill density is not high, the elasticity is not good enough.

  Easy to be pressed to the sofa wood frame will also accelerate the wear of the sofa cloth, reduce the service life of the sofa.

  2. Check the resilience of the sofa

  The specific method is to let the body sit on the sofa, the body is at least 2 times more than the sofa cushion, in order to ensure that this set of sofa is good elasticity, and the service life will be longer.

  3. See if the sofa skeleton is strong

  The concrete method is to lift up three people's sofa, note that when lifting part of the 10cm from the ground, the other end of the leg is off the ground, only the other side also off the ground, check to calculate the passage.

  4. Pay attention to sofa details

  Open the matching pillow zipper, observe and touch the inside of the interlining and the filler; lift the sofa to see whether the bottom treatment is meticulous, the sofa leg is straight, the surface treatment is smooth, the bottom of the leg is non-slip pad and other details.

  Good sofas also remain exquisite in detail.

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