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Cafe Sofa The Most Common Two Kinds Of Way

Jul 05, 2017

  Cafe sofa the most common two kinds of way

  Cafe sofa is essential for each casual restaurant furniture, visit the sofa is also pay attention to a shape of the L-shaped, etc., placed different senses are different below; to introduce the two most common sofa placed The layout is very common, the sofa placed along a wall of the coffee table, the living room for a smaller family is more practical. This arrangement is designed to save space, increase the scope of activities for a smaller area and more members and attention to game activities Space of the family.

  It is not uncommon for placing the two sofas, but in fact it is a good way to put it, especially for people who do not love watching TV. Relative to the arrangement for the main function of the conversation as the main layout, a strong sense of location level. And the size of the living room of different sizes, just change the size of the sofa can be adapted.

  L-shaped L-shaped living room furniture is a common form of display, three sofa and double sofa composed of L-shaped, or three sofa with two single sofa, 3 +1 +1 combination can be said that the most common Germany sofa placed in a combination of ways. 3 people sitting on the couch and the TV cabinet relative, two single sofa is the left and right sides, can accommodate five people exchange. Its advantage is the use of comfortable, simple combination. In the choice of this combination of sofa when the three people sitting on the sofa and single sofa style can be coordinated, but also completely different. Such as three people choose to choose fabric sofa, while the single was coconut sofa, or single sofa simply placed Chinese classical style wooden chair. But the distance between it should not be too large, so as to avoid inconvenience when talking. Cafe sofa this is a very casual furniture, placed in the way from the overall feel good, neat but also to sit on the above people feel no distance.

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