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Chair Comfort Is A Measure Of Whether A Chair Is Good Or Bad

Sep 21, 2017

The chair is a backrest, some with a handrail. Ancient seats and sitting, the original no chair, "chair" is a wooden name. The name of the chair was first seen in the Tang Dynasty, and the image of the chair had to be traced back to the Han Dynasty. Chairs by material classification: solid wood chairs, glass chairs, iron chairs, plastic chairs, cloth chairs, leather chairs, foam chairs, and so on. Chairs according to the use of categories: office chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, leisure chairs, recliners, special chairs and so on.

The chair is very practical, in each room will appear, its main function is to facilitate people to rest, so its comfort is a measure of the quality of a chair the main criteria.

Most people choose double chairs, most of the choice of comfort is strong, such chairs used in the bedroom, can lie lying, but also clothing, can be a multi-purpose, but also placed in the living room, the use of different colors to create Leisurely mood. When choosing a double chair, there are two considerations: function and material. In the function of double chairs can meet the needs of two or three, depending on the number of family members of the room may be. Common material is cloth and leather. Cloth is easy to clean and exchange, can change the surface with the seasonal changes; leather chair can be noble, but not suitable for summer.

Single chair on the use of space than the large multi-person chairs, the sofa more variability. Single chair because of its different shape of the circle, the use of space also have different functional purposes, if used properly to reflect the owner's personality, not when it will be self-defeating; high back single chair, suitable for home use, Able to pass a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, color contrast strong, with a strong visual beauty of the chair, very suitable for single nobility or studio; personal style strong leisure chair, recliner, rocking chair, suitable for placement in space Corner or balcony, as the mood of the conversion station.


1, the newly purchased leather chair, first with water soaked towel, wring dry after the surface of the dust and dirt, and then gently wipe the leather surface with a care agent one or two times (do not use waxy care products) So that the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the dermis, so that the dirt is not easy in the future depth of the pores, easy to clean later.

2, to avoid the weapon to scratch the leather.

3, to avoid grease, ball pens, ink and other dirty leather chair. Such as the stains on the dermis, etc., should be immediately cleaned with leather cleaner, such as no leather cleaning agent, you can use a clean white towel dip a little alcohol light stains, and then dry a little dry towel wipe dry, and finally with a protective agent Care.

4, leather chair daily care wring the wet towel can be wiped, about 2-3 months with a leather cleaner on the sofa for a clean, or use a home vacuum cleaner to remove the leather surface dust and so on.

5, in order to extend the service life, should avoid the child jumping on the sofa to play, sweat body can not be directly in contact with the leather leather chair.

6, leather chair placed to leave the wall 5-10cm, keep the ventilation.

7, to avoid direct sunlight leather chair, such as the living room often sunshine, may wish to take some time to put a few leather chair to adjust the color position to prevent color; if the humidity is large, you can use the morning 8:00 to 10:00 weak sun Light exposure for seven days, 1 hour a day, about 3 months to do once

8, the choice of special maintenance for the maintenance of leather goods. Use, to a small amount each time, many times to pick the way to wipe the surface, until the maintenance solution is dry, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent the leather dry or fade.

9, once stained with soft drinks, etc., should be dealt with immediately, in order to prevent the prevention of water and sweet infiltration into the pores, this time should be dedicated leather saddle soap, dip sponge to circle the way to focus on the center, Soft cloth can be dry.


Whether the seat is comfortable with the scale of the human body. People are different from the crowd, in general, northerners tall, southerners slightly small, North America, Europe is also the case; men and women are different, individual and individual differences. So, Shu uncomfortable, try to know, mainly to see the following points:

1. Block height: should be equal to the length of the calf, sit down after the natural drooping legs, feet just landing. Too high, the legs hanging, thighs under pressure too much too long bad; seat is too low, the thigh can not put the seat surface, the body weight to the hip pressure, a long time will be uncomfortable.

2. seat depth: to sit the chair, the seat depth should be equal to the length of the thigh, sit down after the knee bend just to the chair side, seat surface is too deep, no back landing; seat is too shallow, thigh Not enough support, are not comfortable.

3. Chair and back of the material: both should be "outside the soft within the" type - the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The outermost contact with the human body should be breathable, wear, dirt, and not easy to produce static electricity with the human body or clothing.

4. back: the best on the waist, back and neck to play all or part of the supporting role. The longer the chair, the better the support. Because the chair is used only when dining, you can ignore the neck, and the office chair is best to take care. Imported furniture size is often more suitable for the production of the country's population, the selection requires special attention.

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