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Chair Daily Life Furniture

May 10, 2017

The chair is a daily life furniture

The chair is a backrest, and some have a handrail. Ancient seats and sitting, the original no chair, "chair" is a wooden name. "Book of Songs" has "its Tong's chair", "chair" that "Azusa" is a tree name.


Chair According to the records of the book, the name of the chair was first seen in the Tang Dynasty, and the image of the chair will have to go back to the Han Wei, Dunhuang 285 Cave murals have two people sitting in the chair on the image; 257 Cave murals in the square stool and cross legs bench women; Longmen lotus hole stone carved in a sitting stool women. These images vividly reproduce the Northern and Southern Dynasties period chairs, stool in the official family of the use of the situation. Although the seat was already equipped with a chair, the shape of the stool, but because there is no chair, stool title, people also used to call it "bed", in the temple, commonly used in meditation, it is also known as Zen bed. After the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs gradually increased, the name of the chair is also widely used, only from the bedding category separated. Therefore, the importance of the chair, the origin of the stool must be from the Han Wei when the bed of rice.

Chair Tang Dynasty before the "chair" word there is an explanation, as "car next" speak, that is, the car fence. Its role is when people ride

Have to rely on. The later chair, in the form of a four-footed platform, is fitted with a fence, which is inspired by the fence of the car and follows its name as a "chair". From the existing information, the Tang Dynasty has a very particular chair.

Chair Five generations to the song, high-style seat with unprecedented popularity, the form of chairs are more up, there are back chairs, armchairs, chairs and so on. At the same time according to the different levels of dignity, chair shape, material and function are also different.

Five generations to two Song Dynasty furniture generally retains the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, but more high-level furniture more popular.

Chair The chair is known for its ancient and simple, although for many centuries it is a normal use state. The chair is present because at least in the early dynasty. They are covered with cloth or leather, wood carvings are much lower than today's chairs, chair seats are sometimes only 25 cm tall. The chair in ancient Egypt seems to have been greatly rich and brilliant. Old-fashioned ebony and ivory carved and gold-plated wood, they are covered with expensive materials, gorgeous patterns and legs of the beast or captive figures, expressed support. In general, the higher the ranking of individuals, higher, more gorgeous is the chair he sat on, the greater the honor. In the important occasion of the country Pharaoh sat on the throne, often with a small footstool in front of it very far.

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