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Choose To Suit Your Office Chair To Consider These Six Factors

Jul 18, 2017

  Choose to suit your office chair to consider these six factors

  The price of an office chair is less than one hundred, more than ten thousand, followed by the material, craft, function, brand differences. We do not respect "do not seek the best, but for the most expensive," do not recommend only the figure does not consider the quality of cheap. In the budget you can bear and willing to bear, we suggest you make the rational choice from the following six aspects.

  Factor one: sitting position

  The primary criterion for a seat is whether it can help the user adjust to the best sitting position, because only to maintain a good sitting position, in order to make sedentary damage to the body to a minimum.

  This kind of sitting is indeed very comfortable, of course, may be more suitable for home office, and if it is in the office, the tilt may not be transferred so high, and the computer stand and tripod is not applicable.

  It is advisable to choose a chair with a slightly reclined backrest. It is best to choose a chair with height, backrest height and inclination. High and appropriate, lower limbs naturally drooping, feet flat ground, knee slightly higher than the hip, buttocks after the shift, the body slightly back, gently against the back, so that the upper body and legs at about 135 degrees angle. This sitting will be similar to the natural formation of the "S" type.

  A good office chair to sit high, sitting wide, back, etc. can be adjusted.

  Sitting high: office chair sitting 450-550mm more appropriate, sitting can not be too high can not be too low Sitting width: generally greater than 380mm, armchair is not less than 460mm. Sitting deep: sitting deep 400-440mm. Sitting and back angle: As the user needs to move forward, so the inclination should not be too large, desirable 4-6 °, the overall inclination of 95 ° -00 °. Backrest height: generally under the scapula is appropriate. Waist waist pad to 250mm is appropriate. Waist position with the back of the different angles have changed. Handrail height: the height of the handrail refers to the distance from the upper edge of the handrail to the sitting surface. The main function is to support the weight of the arm, reduce the burden on the shoulder, and the height of the armrest is generally 200 ~ 300mm above the effective thickness of the cushion. Seat cushion: If you add a soft and hard cushion on the sitting surface, you can increase the contact support area and disperse the pressure.

  Factor two: cushion

  The cost of a good office chair cushion is still very high, good cushion not only need to be flexible and not soft not hard, but also to have a concave curve, a good sitting feeling. And some high-end office chair cushion "memory" function, according to the user's sitting and body skeletal muscle structure for automatic adjustment, and the adjustment of the situation after the storage, the chair will become your dedicated seat The.

  Factor three: backrest

  Office chair back to stress comfort and safety, back is not the bigger the better, it is not double back like. The inclination of the backrest should be able to protect the neck, waist, shoulder, hip and so on.

  As with the cushion, many office chairs on the market began to use the mesh to make the backrest, because the mesh is well ventilated, and the flexibility is good. But the premise of all this is that the quality of mesh clearance.

  There are dozens of colors on the market, many young people like the bright colors of the mesh, such as yellow, green, orange, but for the use of the office there is a small suggestion, the color of the mesh is beautiful but not dirty The

  Factor four: regulation

  Everyone's height, weight, leg length, waist length are not the same, and each person's skeletal muscle is unique, in order to make the seat to achieve a most comfortable posture, you need a chair with better regulation. These adjustments are reflected in the adjustable headrest, backrest, handrails, cushions, etc., and not only can adjust the height, but also adjust the tilt angle.

  Of course, the regulatory enhancement also brings security risks, the office chair can adjust the height of the pressure bar because of the quality of the explosion, but the number of examples of explosion, and the impact of the office chair explosion beyond imagination. So when we choose the office chair, to adjust the security at the same time to consider the safety of poor office chair pressure bar is perhaps a stealth bomb.

  Factor five: Chassis

  The stability of the chassis or not, the choice of its material is extremely important, we all know, the chassis sink, the chair sit up more stable, and even half lying no problem. Good office chair chassis are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials, while the poor use of ordinary engineering plastics. By the people over-esteem the impact of aluminum chassis concept, some poor quality office chairs will use poor quality aluminum alloy material shoddy, these are security risks.

  Factor six: chair legs

  Four-legged chair legs due to the smaller area, the stability is certainly poor. The location of the claws is much larger than that of the four claws, ensuring the stability of the chair. Although the six claws the most secure, but its shortcomings is the foot activity is not convenient, easy to hit the foot. So almost all the chairs on the market are claws.

  Chair can choose pulley type, you can also choose a fixed type. Whether the pulley or fixed, the material is also very important, or easy to wear does not say that the security is not good to ensure.

  If you choose the pulley type, it is recommended to consider whether the pulley will hurt the floor (of course, if the office carpet can be ignored), and the pulley is not too flexible, otherwise the force is not good, sitting but will be tired.

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