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Coffee Table What Is The Size Standard?

Sep 21, 2017

In order to add charm and elegance, for the like fashion friends, round coffee table can bring visual and texture, it broke the secular square and rectangular coffee table, with some amazing curves to activate your space. Round coffee table with curved lines designed to allow you to arrange the space more with the active, no longer become boring and monotonous, smooth and smooth contours of the curve has become a trend now. How much do you know about the size of a round coffee table? Then I will tell you a detailed round coffee table size standard information, but also for your purchase to provide a certain reference.

Round coffee table size standard - diameter 400mm

In general, the size of the round coffee table can be increased from the round table diameter of 150mm, this standard round coffee table size from the shape is not difficult to see its small and exquisite. Unique, light-colored rounded table with a layer of light, you can put some coffee equipment and ensure that the risk will not fall from the desktop. Whether it is in any place can be used together, is a very good scenery, made of environmentally friendly materials, on the other hand also ensure that everyone in the course of the health problems, for the relatively small space is very applicable of.

Round coffee table size standard - diameter 700mm

Round table diameter of 900mm round coffee table can be applied, such as 3 to 4 individuals to use, although you can sit a little more than two people, but should not be placed too many fixed chairs. This round coffee table size is relatively small, one hundred percent of all solid wood to build, pure solid wood round table can be better to do moisture and other functions, this is also equivalent to increase its Service life. At the same time the superior support of the legs to ensure its stability, in the usual use of the process is simple and durable, is a lot of friends more desirable choice.

Round coffee table size standard - diameter 900mm

Now the coffee table is not only used to taste the existence of coffee, such as the guests or negotiations, two or three people sitting together, put a cup of coffee, talking about some things are very good. Because in order to meet some of the needs in this area, this diameter of 900mm round coffee table size is a good choice. Exquisite and practical style to give you extraordinary life to enjoy, delicate workmanship, smooth touch, the use of steel production table legs, a stable balance of life more peace of mind, simple and stylish design, smooth rounded curve, revealing a Elegant atmosphere.

Round coffee table size standard - diameter 1200mm

Home want a dinner, too desktop too small? Do not worry, round coffee table size there is a diameter of 1200mm standard for your reference, want five or six people sitting together is no problem. From the same color and coffee, so that you seem to have their own into the coffee in the thick atmosphere, the overall shape simple and generous, rounded curve design looks a little more soft, feel smooth to bring you not the same Of life to enjoy, as if from the coffee table to smell the smell of coffee, placed a such a round coffee table must be able to add a lot of space for the space.

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