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Foot Bath Sofa Election Floss Reason Big Decomposition

Jul 05, 2017

  Foot bath sofa election floss reason big decomposition

  Foot bath made of the fabric is mainly used in leather and cloth two categories, including fabric fabrics are cotton, linen, flannel, silk and silk. As for the foot bath sofa leather is good or cloth is good, is not comparable, because each have their own, the key is what kind of customer feel like. Today, the main talk about the fabric foot sofa in the couch foot sofa, foot bath sofa selection of customers accounted for more than Qi Cheng. Flannel will not shrink as cotton, and flannel looks soft and smooth, comfortable sitting, favored by many families and leisure venues.

  Foot bath sofa diamond velvet and snowflake color brightness is very high, with diamonds to do fabric foot bath sofa is bright and bright, extravagant, by many high-end leisure and entertainment favorite. Diamond cashmere and snowflake advantage is the strength of the fabric than the general good wear resistance, flexibility is also very good, strong thermal insulation. Foot bath sofa manufacturers in the production of high-end foot bath mostly diamond velvet and snowflake fabric. If the shortcomings, it is the foot bath sofa surface moisture absorption and permeability is not very good. Compared to other foot bath sofa fabric, velveteen and short hair with a soft hand, full of environmental protection, high color prison, full of cashmere, bright color, etc., which velveteen is the first for the cloth foot sofa sofa fabric, and velvet abrasion resistance 4 to 5 times higher than the average fabric, warm and comfortable performance is also very good. But we should pay attention to the protection of its unique shape style, cleaning can not be forced to scrub, to avoid the velveteen surface villi messy uneven, affecting its fullness. Do not put in the washing machine to wash and use a hard brush strong scrub, otherwise it will make the foot sofa sofa velvet hair and messy, drying to spread out to dry.

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