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Four-point Selection Of High-quality Fabric Sofa Method

Oct 19, 2017

Fabric sofa has now become an indispensable home furnishings of a kind of furniture, a good sofa in addition to the appearance of people feel very warm, sit more people can be pleasant and relaxed, relax. Then how can we buy to the quality of the sofa, the following teach you some practical skills to buy.

First, the fabric

Fabric sofa depends on whether the fabric is covered with internal filling, whether flat and crisp, especially the two handrails and seats, back to the transition to be natural, no broken fold. Sofa fabric should be relatively thick, durable, durable friction can not afford the ball. Feel the surface of the sofa, whether to stimulate the skin phenomenon, observe the whole part of the sofa fabric color is uniform, the joints are strong and smooth, workmanship is fine.

Second, sponge

High-grade sofa cushion should be used in the density of more than 30 kilograms per cubic meter of high-elastic foam sponge, back pad should be used in the density of more than 25 kilograms per cubic meter of high elastic foam sponge. In order to improve the comfort of sitting, some bubbles still do not reduce the density of the premise, made a soft treatment, and some in the cushion set up a vertical spring, so that the sofa has a higher resilience and anti-aging properties.

Third, the internal structure

Two hands around the sofa before and after the force shaking, if the feeling is good, that the framework of solid. And shop guide to discuss, open the bottom of a corner of the observation, if there is no damage wood, no insects, no scars. Material and material of the joints are not nails with nails, but with a mortise or engraved with each other, and then glue the sticky, then there is no problem. Pay attention to the sofa seat and the bottom of the bottom of the basic use of nylon and snake spring cross-net structure, above the layered bedding high foam, spray rubber and light foam. This cushion is good, sit and feel comfortable.

Fourth, the brand

Consumers in the purchase of the sofa, we must pay attention to, to buy brand sofa, because the brand is generally in the long-term use of consumers affirmed, its good quality, low repair rate, practical time field, and a good after-sales service.

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