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High Back Sofa

Nov 18, 2016

Also known as the aviation-style seating. It features three pivot, man's waist, shoulders, head and back on a surface. The three support points does not constitute a straight line in space, thus making this sofa technology high requirements, purchase select difficulty is relatively large. High back sofa wooden frame must be clear on the shelf to do posed by the three-point turn, otherwise for masked processes when the sofa is more difficult to ensure that the support point location, bring discomfort to users. Buy high back sofa should pay attention to the composition of its three supporting points on the back of reasonable and proper, you can try to determine. High back sofa is a from the recliners has evolved. To improve the performance of rest, also can be equipped with footrest, place a sofa, the forefront of same height and height of the seat surface.

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