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Leather Sofa Really True And False Identification

Oct 09, 2017

Leather sofa really true and false identification

Want to buy Zhang leather sofa, how to identify true and false, is the first buyers are most concerned about one of the topics. The market is not much difference between the leather sofa, but the price is indeed a far cry, which believe that most consumers will feel deep touch. As the process of continuous improvement of some imitation leather work with the whole leather is almost exactly the same, with the basic observation of the naked eye is no difference. How to identify the authenticity of leather sofas? To sort out several ways to identify the true and false leather sofa. Leather sofa has two kinds of fabrics, one is the whole leather also (that is, the first layer of leather), there is a half-leather (that is, two layers of leather). Although they are called the first layer of skin, but their price is still very different. The following four points will help you in the purchase of leather sofas.

One, smell the smell

The higher the level of leather, environmental protection, the higher the coefficient. Because of its natural, in the process of making the finished product used in the chemical raw materials rarely, so the smell is softer. The smell of the second layer of the skin will be more choking, the first layer of the first yellow cattle skin has a faint smell, the first layer of imports of yellow leather no smell, only the skin itself fragrance.

The second measure: look color

The first layer of leather skin of the larger, more than 3m in diameter, and the leather surface symmetry, no turtles injury or stab wounds; two leather skin surface diameter of 2m to 2.5m or so, the leather surface more than injury.

The third measure: anti-tear

In accordance with the relevant requirements, leather leather tear resistance to be 40 kg / square centimeter. Specifically, the second layer of leather cut a little mouth about a little mouth, adults can easily tear; the first layer of yellow leather cut the same size of small mouth, male adults need a lot of effort to tear.

The fourth trick: test fade

The dyeing of the two layers is uneven and easy to fade. With the alcohol cotton repeatedly wipe the leather surface 20 times, the first layer of skin will not fall color, leather color, back color and cross-sectional color are the same; two layers of skin will fade, and the back color and cross-section color white.

Leather sofa is the use of the first layer of yellow leather or two layers of skin, in the feel, the quality of the differences are great, the cost can be described as a heavenly underground. In the product of a wide range of sofa stores, leather sofa and pseudo-leather sofa coexist, good leather sofa and sub-leather sofa with the hope that bad business conscience found, truthfully tell you specific cortex, really not as good as their own two strokes easily identify.

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