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Office Sofa To Buy The Method And Its Precautions

Aug 01, 2017

  Office sofa to buy the method and its precautions

  What are the options for the purchase of office sofas? Also pay attention to what matters? The following office furniture Xiaobian for everyone under the introduction.

  Buy office sofa must be a lot of details, as follows we have to look at:

  1, the shape of the sofa. The appearance of the sofa should be full of symmetry, the size of the appropriate size, fabric no significant color, kind, grid and other flower-like fabric pattern should be symmetrical. Fabric without damage, stains, jumping and other defects. Suture without jumping or floating line. Exposed nail should be arranged neatly, no loose knocking off paint and other defects.

  2, wood out of the wooden pieces. Wooden parts of the wooden sofa requirements are not cracks, loose; surface coating smooth and smooth, similar color, no paint off the phenomenon.

  3, the structural strength of the sofa. When you buy the hand can be hand-held sofa armrest, back without shake loose or sound, hand touch the sofa seat, the back of the site, forced to press 2 to 3 times, feel smooth, no spring friction sound, and by pressing the feeling of pressure , It is estimated that the sofa seat surface is sustained by the human body pressure.

  4, leather sofa leather materials requirements. Industry standards: the nominal leather sofa products in addition to the bottom of the sofa seat surface, the appearance of the use of natural animal leather cover. The nominal leather sofa product specifies the seat surface of the sofa, the front of the backrest, the back side of the backrest and the inner side of the handrail and the armrest are covered with natural animal leather.

  5, the main size requirements of the sofa. The seat height is 360mm ~ Mainly to meet the basic requirements when using.

  Buy office sofa Note:

  First, avoid not consider the style. Relative to the home of the basic decoration, sofa in addition to the use of functions, but also played a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the sofa style and color must be with the home decoration, decoration of the main colors are unified.

  Second, should not consider the size. When you pick the sofa on the market, you will find the size of the sofa a lot, there are thousands, so there will be such a situation, buy the sofa is too large, the living room becomes crowded, the sofa size is small, and the overall space The proportion of imbalance. Therefore, in the selection of the sofa, you should first understand their living room or bedroom area, and then choose the right sofa.

  Third, should not consider the family's habits.

  Fourth, should not consider the depth of the sofa. The common size of the sofa on the market is 95 cm, this depth for the height of 1.7 meters in the following people. Height of 1.7 meters above the best choice for the depth of 105 cm sofa, can completely ease the back of the tension.

  Fifth, should not consider the bearing capacity of the sofa. To choose a durable sofa, first of all depends on whether the framework of the sofa lasting is not easy to change.

  Sixth, should not consider the resilience of the sofa. Traditional sofa frame generally only use serpentine spring, so that after the use of the sofa for some time it is prone to deformation and collapse and other issues, thus affecting the appearance and use of the sofa.

  Seventh, should not consider the comfort of the cushion. Excellent soft sofa, are not suitable for normal human sitting, will have a certain impact on the human body's spine.

  Eighth, should not consider the sofa wear and washability. If the home has the elderly, children, to choose anti-fouling, wear-resistant performance of the sofa fabric. In addition to leather fabric, suede and twill fabric is preferred, this material has a similar animal fur delicate feel, its latitude and longitude combined with large density, wear, not easy to deformation.

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