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Sofa Cleaning And Maintenance Methods

Oct 12, 2017

Sofa in our home life plays a very important role, our living room will be placed on the sofa, it reflects our home style, show our mental outlook, is our taste and status symbol. If a new house lacks the expression of the personality of the "fresh element" to stay, then the home owner is not a good mood. Neat uniform furniture, simple layout, less a touch of vitality, his home everywhere also see the spring of vitality, it is the home for the equipment. Living room sofa is not so simple to buy, in addition to buying skills also need to know how to match. In addition, the late cleaning and maintenance of the sofa is also more important. So how do we have to keep the sofa?

Fabric sofa maintenance is the most important thing is to clean the dead ends with a vacuum cleaner, remove the dust between the fabric structure, the mat to get outdoors to beat, loose internal fibers, to maintain the flexibility of the sofa. If you find the thread loose, do not tear by hand, it is best to use scissors neatly cut flat. For bushings and other external fabrics, if the conditions are best dry cleaning, and then spray with a fabric protective agent once for protection. Decontamination Dry Cleaning Method: Foam Cleaner, Cold Air Hair Dryer, White Wipes. The detergent shake, spray directly in the stained parts, to be 5 minutes after the cold blow with the hair blowing to the bubble without.

Usually maintenance can be used dry towel to beat, or the user white towel wet and wring dry to no dripping, the amount of all-round water sprayed on the towel, wipe the cloth stains on the place, with the soft brush along the direction of light brush effect Better, clean with a wet towel after wiping clean water, dust at least once a week, with particular attention to remove the dust between the structure. Usually to keep the indoor ventilation, so that the sofa can also "breathe", so that the dust blocked the pores of the sofa. Pay attention to moisture, you can sofa in the sofa above the sofa towel protection is not dirty. Do not sit on the sofa armrest and backrest, but also to avoid the children on the sofa bounce, it is easy to let the sofa lose flexibility.

Leather sofa absorbent, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade frosted leather sofa special attention to my personal experience in terms of maintenance need to use the tools: old toothbrush, eraser cotton, soap, milk, ammonia first with a high degree of liquor The old toothbrush dipped, rubbed the place where there are mildew. And then wipe with a cloth, so that wine and moldy volatile. If this method is invalid, you can use ammonia diluted with water 20 times, with a towel is not easy to erase the mildew, and so on after the volatile dry, clean. There are grease or cream, dry with a dry cloth, then scrub with shampoo, and finally wipe with clean water. When you have a ball of oil, you should use an eraser as soon as possible.

If grease or dirt, first with soap and water scrub, and then scrub clean water. Stained with beer, sodium carbonate (baking soda), coffee and other substances, first with soap and water scrub, and then clean water can be. Wash the dermis with milk, make the leather more shiny. Regular cleaning to keep the pores of the leather surface is not blocked by dust, scrub can be used when the cotton cloth or silk wet gently wipe, after wiping can also use Biluo beads or glazing wax and so on again to keep Smooth. If you accidentally contaminated with oil traces, cotton cloth can be used, towel dipped in the amount of neutral soapy water wipe, and then dry with a dry cotton, do not scrub directly with water.

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