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Sofa Is The Furniture Of Many Families

Oct 27, 2017

The sofa is a kind of software furniture, is equipped with cushioned multi-seat chair, both sides have handrails. It originated in Western countries, and then the introduction of Asia, as Western-style decoration or modern home design one of the key. The structure is made of wood or steel lined with cotton and other foam made of chairs, the overall more comfortable.

The sofa is already the furniture of many families. The sale of the sofa on the market generally have low back sofa, high back sofa and between the first two of the ordinary sofa three. The following describes the three characteristics, for consumers to choose to buy.

Low back sofa: belong to the rest of the light chair. It is a support point to support the user's waist (lumbar) This sofa backrest height is low, generally about 370 mm from the seat surface, backrest angle is also small, not only conducive to rest, and the size of the entire sofa corresponding Shrink down. This sofa is more convenient to move, light, small footprint.

High back sofa: also known as aviation seats. It is characterized by three fulcrums, people waist, shoulder, hindquarters at the same time leaning against the back of the surface. The three supporting points in space does not constitute a straight line, so the production of such a high technical requirements of the sofa, the purchase is difficult to choose more. It is difficult to ensure the position of the support point when the process of the sofa is masked, so that the user can not feel uncomfortable with the back of the sofa. Buy high back sofa to pay attention to the back of the three supporting points of the composition is reasonable and proper, can be determined through the test seat. The high back sofa is evolved from the couch. To improve the rest performance, but also with the footstool, placed before the sofa, its height can be the same as the front of the sofa seat surface.

Ordinary sofa: a common type of sofa in the family. The market is mostly sold for this kind of sofa. It has two support points to support the user's lumbar, thoracic, can get with the back of the body with the effect of the surface. This kind of sofa back seat and seat angle is very critical, the angle is too large or too small will cause the user's abdominal muscles strong, resulting in fatigue. Similarly, the sofa seat surface width should not be too large, usually in accordance with the standard requirements within 540 mm, so that the user's legs can be adjusted to sit, rest more comfortable.

Sofa production is characterized by the use of many types of materials, material differences, the production framework with wood, steel, wood-based panels, paint, decorative pieces, etc .; filling sponge, foam plastic, elastic, non-woven, spring, ; Production jacket with cloth, leather, composite materials. Processing technology span, from woodwork, paint business, sewing work to the palate work. According to the principle of professional division of labor, to improve the efficiency of the principle of the sofa processing is divided into five sections: the frame section, the main production sofa frame; exterior section, the main production sofa exposed components; lining sections, the preparation of various sponge core; Section, cut the sewing jacket; assembly (palpable skin) section, the former section of the semi-finished products, coupled with accessories, assembled into a complete sofa products.

How to put it

1. Is the correct distance between the couch and the coffee table before it? 30cm in a (240 * 90 * 75 cm) in front of the sofa placed a (130 * 70 * 45 cm) rectangular coffee table is very comfortable. The ideal distance between the two should be able to allow you to pass a person at the same time easy to use, that is to say do not have to stand up and can easily get the cup or magazine on the table.

2. If you can accommodate three or four people sofa, then you should choose how much coffee with it? 140 * 70 * 45cm in the sofa is very large or two couch put together in the case, the short coffee table is a good choice, the height and the best position of the sofa cushion.

3. How much distance should be left between the armrest and the TV? 3 meters here refers to the shortest distance between a 25 inch TV and a handrail sofa or a couch. In addition, the height of the counter should be placed between 40cm and 120cm, so that the audience can keep the correct sitting position.

4. What is the ideal size of the coffee table on the edge of the sofa? Square: 70 * 70 * 60 cm. Oval: 70 * 60 cm. The coffee table on the edge of the sofa should have a table that is not particularly large, but the higher type is chosen, so that it can be easily and comfortably taken to the table even when sitting.

5. How many spaces do you need to occupy in the middle of the sofa and the coffee table placed in the middle? Two double sofa (size 160 * 90 * 80 cm) and coffee table (size 100 * 60 * 45 cm) should be separated by 30cm.

6. How fast should the back of the couch or the handrail sofa be? 85 to 90 cm. This height can be completely on the back of the head, so that your neck is fully relaxed. If the sofa's backrest and handrail are too low, it is recommended that you add a cushion to get comfortable. If the space is not particularly spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall as far as possible.

7. How far should the minimum distance between the two diagonal corners? 10cm. If you do not need to stay out of the aisle, this situation will allow you to put a coffee table again.

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