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Sofa The Most Complete Buying Skills

Sep 06, 2017

In an inch of land in the city, has a house is extravagant. Small house more common, how in the limited space to create infinite wonderful, in the living room to choose an atmosphere of the sofa, may be able to help you achieve your aspirations. Come home from work, want to have a comfortable leather sofa, so that the body to relax, whether it is rest, watching TV, playing computer or reading, want to use a comfortable posture. Here to see the history of the most common sofa Raiders it.

1.cloth sofa

Fabric to fabric-based, colorful, fashionable and affordable, suitable for mass consumption, with rich colors and vivid pattern design, soft comfort, more and more popular with the public.

2.leather sofa

Fabric to leather-based, generally using buffalo leather, cortex thicker, affordable. Better there are brown leather, green leather. Leather sofa according to the thickness of the skin can be divided into thick and thin skin two categories.

3.Pippi combined with the sofa

Combined with the advantages of leather and cloth, easy to dirty but not easy to wash the place to use cortical material, in close contact with the human body with a cloth material.

4.Function sofa

Built the mystery, open the function when the legs tilt, back down, using a similar aircraft first class seat design, so greatly improved comfort. At the same time, some functional sofa also joined the swing, rotation and other auxiliary functions.

The structure of the sofa


The framework of the sofa composed of the main structure and basic shape, to meet the requirements of modeling and strength.

2.Fill material

Determine the comfort of the sofa. Now commonly used filler material has foam plastic, sponge, synthetic materials and so on.


The fabric of the sofa includes cloth and leather. Cloth with blended linen suede, etc., leather, including leather, pigskin, horse skin, donkey skin.

Sofa selection notes

1,the sofa do not choose too soft. Some friends may like the kind of sitting on the body can fall into the sofa, but too soft sofa time long tired, the family has the best home of the elderly choose the hardness of the sofa.

2,fabric sofa is not dirty. Fabric sofa for a long time, the fabric will accumulate a lot of dust, bad care.

3,to buy a sofa to carefully view. Check the sofa is not prominent position, and some of the sofa will be used in the obvious location of secondary materials. If the details are perfect, so the sofa can be bought.

4,buy a sofa to try to sit, try comfort and frame structure is reasonable or not strong.

5,the sofa and the living room to the overall style of decoration consistent, harmonized.

Sofa maintenance method

1,once a week with a clean towel after wringing dry, repeated several times to swab.

2,leather sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, should not use water to wipe or wash, to avoid moisture, mold and insects, not in the sun exposure, otherwise it will cause cortical fiber passivation.

3,if the stains on the leather, with a clean wet sponge dip the temperature of the detergent wipe, let the natural dry.

4,if stained with grease, there may be dry cloth clean water scrub can not be used.

5,do not use soapy water, detergent, care wax and so on the leather sofa cleaning and maintenance.

6,can not be placed in the sun exposure of furniture, it will lead to dry and faded leather.

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