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Solid Wood Bed Election High Box Bed Is Good Or Low Box Bed Good?

Nov 06, 2017

Bed in our daily life is one of the most indispensable furniture supplies, with the social progress, technological development, the market is also a variety of styles to bed, many consumers seem unable to start when buying, I do not know the election High-bed or low-bed box bed, what is the difference between the two, the following one by one for your answer.

What is the difference between the two?

These two styles is the most entangled when we buy the most in the market an option, in the end is a high box bed, or a good box?

Under normal circumstances, the lower box bed than the high box bed in appearance is more beautiful and better comfort; choice can be based on the size of a reasonable choice, if the bedroom space is larger, you can choose a low box bed, if the space Relatively small, or suggest that you choose high box bed, so you can increase the storage space, reduce space waste.

High box bed features

High box bed in the design of the height is relatively high, lower than the usual box of bed will be 20-50cm higher, because the higher bed for storage to increase more space, the lower part of the bed has a large number of boxes, to separate the design , So that the room storage and finishing become very simple and convenient, but because of the high height of the high box for the appearance of a certain degree of impact, I believe that through the above description of the box on the high good or good low box bed good? This question will have its own different views.

Low box bed features

Low bed generally less distance to the ground, some styles will be close to the ground, the storage function is limited, can not reasonably organize and organize the items suitable for some bedroom area larger family use, low box bed appearance more stylish, due to the bed Lower body height can be paved mattress thicker, more comfortable during use.

High box and low box bed how to choose

In the choice of the main look at the size of the home space, low box bed is empty, so easy to clean, broom or mop what can be extended into, you can clean the bed under the ground. The lower box mattress is thicker and therefore more comfortable. But more space, if the space is relatively large, then the best choice of low box bed.

If the home environment is relatively small, then choose a high box bed can save a lot of space, do not need to buy a locker, or placed in season clothing wardrobe.

Purchase advice

High bed bed bed 20-50 centimeters higher than the average bed, but too high for the elderly to get out of bed is not too good, so choose the bed for the elderly or use the standard height is better, in addition to the elderly to use the bed, it is best not to Box-type, easy to bump tiptoe;

As for the humid air in the south, such as the choice of high box bed, in order to prevent the placing of goods damp, it is necessary to keep clean inside the bed to keep dry;

Mattress selection 5-10 cm on it, and then thick too high;

Low box bed for most people, such as home space, but also want to facilitate cleaning, you can choose a low box bed, the general low box bed about 30 cm off the ground, you can choose about 20 cm mattress to match.

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