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Table A Kind Of Commonly Used Furniture

Sep 21, 2017

The table is a kind of commonly used furniture, there is a plane, there is a pillar. You can put things in the above or do things. A piece of furniture that is smooth and flattened by legs or other supports for eating, writing, working or playing cards.

The original intention of the table is a table dedicated to eating. According to the material can be divided into solid wood dining table, Gangmu dining table, marble table, marble dining table, marble coffee table, jade table, jade table, jade coffee table, marble table.

Common size

Living alone, the home space if not large, then the length of the table is best not more than 1.2m; two world is suitable for 1.4m-1.6m table; for parents or elderly families are suitable for 1.6m or larger table The Here we talk about the two types of home dining table and home dining table pictures.

Round table

Round table If the living room, the restaurant furniture is square or rectangular, round table diameter can be increased from 150mm. In the general small and medium-sized residential, such as the diameter of 1200mm dining table, often too large, can be customized to a diameter of 1140mm round table, the same can sit 8-9 people, but looks more spacious space. If the diameter of 900mm above the table, although can sit more than people, but should not be placed too many fixed chairs. Such as the diameter of 1200mm table, put 8 chairs, it is crowded. Can put 4-6 chairs. In the people for a long time, and then folding chairs, folding chairs can be collected in the storage room.

Rectangular table

Square table 760mmx760mm square table and 1070mmx760mm rectangular table is the commonly used table size. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, even a small corner, you can also put a six-seat table, dining, only to pull some of the table can be a. 760mm table width is the standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, when sitting because the table is too narrow and touch each other. The foot of the table is best to shrink in the middle, if the four feet arranged in the four corners, it is very convenient. Table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm height of the chair. The desktop is lower, when dining, the food on the table can see more clearly.

The computer desk is used to put the computer desk. Is very important office and daily necessities, modern computer tables and diverse styles of diverse materials, there are very personalized design, with the social and technological progress.

With the way

Computer is a special electrical appliances, it is different from the TV, where the sound is that people in the use of it must always close operation, so the height of the computer placed, the location of the keyboard and mouse have specific requirements, Most do not meet the conditions. As the saying goes, "good horse with a good saddle", choose a suitable computer desk, you can make your operation relaxed and comfortable, improve work efficiency. Computer table by the four sides with a plastic soft side of the MDF, assembled by the screws made of screws. MDF with moderate weight, fire, moisture, Naisuan Jian, anti-static, the price is cheap, it is suitable for the production of computer tables. And some so-called high-end computer tables, made of pure wood, expensive, smart consumers will not dig this money wasted. The surface of the computer table melamine paint is divided into smooth (smooth) and frosted (hemp) two. Hemp paint feel good, do not slip, not reflective, wipe with a damp cloth after the traces of water, but the price to expensive three or forty yuan.

Computer tables a lot of style, after careful comparison, I can not simply think of the drawer and the number of layers to determine the practicality. I chose the computer desk structure is very simple, while the price is low. The upper part of a drawer and a keyboard tray (the width of the same two, can be interchangeable position), the lower part of only two partitions, is so placed: the left side of the desktop put the horizontal chassis and display, empty right half Can be placed temporary documents, computer reference books, usually can also be used as a desk. Small drawer put instructions, start the disk, antivirus disk, commonly used CD-ROM, with the use of take. The following two partitions on the left and right corner put a speaker, not the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is horizontal, vertical chassis are suitable, legs stretched, you can sit side by side, together learn skills, play games together, and the keyboard tray can be flexibly placed on the left or right , Very suitable for home use. If you like "a sink" type of design does not matter, but the purchase should pay attention to the location of people sitting on the left side of the computer desk, the right side of the place to put the mouse pad.

When buying a computer desk should pay attention to the formation of the plate, the paint layer without blistering, falling off, the color uniformity, the edge of the junction without hair ballast, plastic soft edge volts without reel, drawer, keyboard tray sliding smooth, the table as a whole does not shake. By the way, the computer desk to buy home, should be placed in a well ventilated, direct sunlight less than the place.

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