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Table Maintenance Of The Difficulty And Frequency Is Also A High Number Of Furniture In A High

Oct 12, 2017

In life, furniture, we used the most than the table, and work with a desk, when eating dinner table, tea when the tea table, home with a desk when writing, with a computer when the computer Table ... ... due to frequent contact, so the difficulty of maintenance and frequency is also a high number of furniture, and the following we talk about the maintenance of the desktop.

Chinese furniture will be used solid wood, solid wood bed, solid wood bathroom cabinet, solid wood sofa stool, solid wood table is no exception, especially the table table, in order to increase the support of the table, the table with solid wood is very wide, It is not cold and hot, so we eat or water when we must be careful not to high temperature containers directly with the table contact, it is best in the middle pad a bamboo pad or pad. Another point is to avoid exposure, especially the desktop, some poor quality wood can not withstand the exposure, even the high-end can not be sun.

The floor of the table must be flat, of course, the floor is now very flat, but there will be subtle flaws, but this is not absolute, art and then the master can not use the deformation of the tile out of the level of the ground, so we pay attention. Then there is some table legs do not very good, that is, is not flat, so be sure to use something pad! One to shake the table will affect the use of feelings, and two long-term use of the "triangle table" will have an impact on the structure of the table. If you do not care on the desktop hot mark, you can use salt to remove.

Table table can not afford to clean the oil, you can use alcohol to wipe, if there is no alcohol, with a high degree of white wine can also wipe, this is the old Beijing people commonly used methods. The desk often left the traces of the stroke, you can use soap and water scrub, then alcohol. When the last meal is not to bones anything directly spit on the table, so that the plot will always leave traces. The table to add a tablecloth is also a good way, love playing cards this method is also good. Computer table mouse activities that must put a mouse pad pad range

The desktop is a fragile thing, do not use sharp objects to touch it, under normal circumstances do not let the children at home playing on the table, it is easy to cause damage to the table. There are some problems in front of already said, not one by one repeated, in fact, furniture maintenance are in common.

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