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Table Purchase And Maintenance Knowledge

Sep 06, 2017

The solid wood used in the table is also often seen by us, and the most common is the solid wood table, the solid wood table its biggest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, with the changing natural colors. As the natural wood is constantly breathing organism, can be placed in the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, and to avoid the beverage, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of wood surface. And the table solid wood is good, the most important thing is to be based on the material of its wood may be, then we explain the solid wood table to buy and maintenance knowledge.

1. Solid wood table to buy - British style

Cloud romance to the sky, the romantic flowers to the land, pure white and soft red to you can touch the British romance. No complicated carved, no complicated lines, in this piece of pure clean, the kind of innate royal temperament blowing, this natural reveal of the noble temperament, natural, real, without modification, is suitable for refined There are people who are conservation, as if they are generally, low-key does not play; the whole solid wood table is preferred high-grade rubber wood to build tables and chairs back, high hardness, load-bearing ability, strong and solid is not easy to crack.

2. Solid wood table to buy - Chinese style

Dumping a world of time, to find a holy land, enjoy the elegant ink line, gorgeous light and shadow, the traditional and modern collision, interpretation of a fragrant, comfortable and leisurely. This solid wood table with fine Catalpa wood, texture clear and delicate, wood is not easy to crack, not easy to deformation, with the role of corrosion-resistant moisture can be described as durable! Simple and refined shape, uncompromising attention, high-end quality, neat lines, Founder of the shape, highlighting the solid wood solid fortitude characteristics, highlight the Chinese style of elegant style! The use of paint to make the table feel comfortable, long-term use is still bright as new!

3. Solid wood table to buy - Chinese style

This Chinese-style solid wood tables all use Kaspian wood, inner pull and triangular wood is fixed with rubber wood solid wood, all solid wood to create, to give natural characteristics. The overall color of walnut color, revealing the calm and low-key charm, suitable for a variety of colors in the home; table standing water frame multi-dimensional deep carved, winding stretch, revealing the thick rhyme, leisurely oriental charm; table angle The use of fillet design, polished the best curvature, smooth processing, even if accidentally bump will not have any problems; table angle to abandon the flat single shape, curvature of the curve, calm atmosphere more load.

4. Solid wood table maintenance skills

Any thing with a long time have to do a maintenance for them, this wood table is no exception, the best half a year for the wooden table to do an oil maintenance, so as not to drop the wood table paint, affecting its appearance, but also shorten it Of life. To make your wooden table long, we first have to help them find a place that best suits them. I believe we all know that if the long-term exposure to wood products, then there will be cracking phenomenon, so our wooden table must be placed on the place will not let direct sunlight.

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