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Table Smooth Plate

May 10, 2017

The table is a kind of commonly used furniture, there is a plane, there is a pillar. You can put things in the above, do things, eat, write, work and so on. There are smooth flat, by the legs and other supplements fixed furniture, in the language can also be used as nouns.

Table Introduction to words

Table Interpretation

Word: table

Pinyin: zhuō zi

English: table

Table Basic explanation

[Table], [Desk] a smooth flat, leg or other support fixed furniture, to eat, write, work or play cards and so on.

Table Detailed explanation

There are planes, under the pillars, the surface to put things or things for the use of things, generally used for furniture. Yuan Wang Zhong "save dutiful son" second fold: "Zhang Qian, by a table, and so on the public to sit down." "Twenty years witnessed the strange situation," the sixth back: "You do not come, whatever the outcome can keep the table "Ding Ling" Meng Ke ":" Meng Ke from the small plate bed up, gently jumped to stand next to the table.

Table Types of

In order to meet the needs of the public, the type of table is rich and varied. The table can be divided into many categories according to demand, such as desks, tables, desks, computer tables, desk and so on.

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