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The Table Of The Table Was Hot Or Was Soaked Out Of White Print How To Remove

Aug 01, 2017

  The table of the table was hot or was soaked out of white print how to remove

  How to remove the cups on wooden cups

  The cup of hot water on the coffee table after the release, the coffee table will leave a circle-like traces, can not afford to go. I would like to ask who has a good way to get rid of this trail. Thank you for the first time.

  Answer: If the time is not more than six months, with cotton dipped in oil, rub on the traces, (leave a small amount) soak for 6 hours, the traces disappeared.

  Hot water hot to the table how to remove the traces?

  In the wooden table above the cup of boiling water, the results of the top to the traces of how, should be how to get rid of

  Under normal circumstances, as long as the timely wiping with a rag can be removed. But if the hot mark is too deep, you can wipe with the iodine gently on top, or put the Vaseline oil on top of the next day and then wipe with a soft cloth can eliminate hot marks.

  Asked: the surface of the wooden table seems to have a layer of paper attached to the above, and now that color is hot and shallow, and form a ugly circle, is there any direct and effective way to immediately remove it?

  Answer: put the wet cup of paint on the table often left an annoying watermark, how can quickly remove them? You can shop a watermark on the shop a clean damp cloth, and then use the iron in the above with a lower temperature ironing, so that will allow the moisture into the film evaporate out, so that the watermark disappears. However, when using this method, the use of the rag can not be too thin, the temperature of the iron can not be transferred too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but that brand can no longer be removed.

  Asked: that does not seem to paint it, I think it is layer of paper. Hot traces of this can be removed?

  Furniture, such as wooden coffee table of the paint was hot or was soaked out of white print how to remove?

  Answer: paint furniture accidentally burned, leaving a white mark. Can be used to remove the following three methods: with hot water, alcohol wipe; bubble a cup of tea, with a soft cloth dipped in wipe; in the hot mark painted Vaseline cream, after one or two days and then gently wipe with a rag, Can be restored.

  The table was hot water out of a layer of white how to get rid of

  How long has the hot mark appear? The shorter the time, the more effective this method is. With metal cotton dipped in oil, slowly wipe, until thoroughly penetrate, all the white traces disappear.

  (With 20-40 minutes) need to pay attention to two points:

  1. If there is no metal cotton, can not be used to replace the scouring cloth.

  2. Be sure to clean up once and without a second chance.

  Paint furniture accidentally burned, there are white hot marks, available the following method to go.

  1 with medium oil, alcohol, toilet water, wipe.

  2 soak a cup of tea, wipe with a soft cloth dipped.

  3 in the hot mark painted a layer of Vaseline, every two days and then wipe the cloth.

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