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What Cleaning Does Not Hurt The Sofa Cortex

Aug 14, 2017

  What cleaning does not hurt the sofa cortex

  Leather sofa stained, clean the problem is really awkward! Because the sofa material is leather, so we do not use water or detergent to clean up, so that will not only leave the mark, but also make the sofa lost The original luster. Dirt may be cleared, but the appearance of the sofa has also been destroyed, more harm than good. So, when the sofa at home is leather, we'd better obediently use leather-specific cleaning utensils or cleaning products, and regular maintenance for a year to do it, pay more effort, leather products to maintain its long-term feeling The

  Leather sofa gives a noble feeling, so the maintenance work can not save Oh! Leather surface also has pores, so if we want it radiant, then, is to rub it for care products Luo! General leather oil are Maintenance function, but if there is no leather oil at hand, we can use the emulsion, or hand cream to replace the thin leather sofa on a layer of protective film, so that the sofa can shine, but also can be used long Luo!

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