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What Wood Selection Of Solid Wood Bed Is Good?

Nov 06, 2017

Speaking of solid wood bed, Xiaobian brain reminds me of a forest, the forest is so large, of course, there are many kinds of trees, but the solid wood bed is also a variety of wood. For example, there are solid wood beds made of ash, birch made of solid wood bed, mahogany made of solid wood bed, Willow made of solid wood bed and elm made of solid wood bed, etc., in the end What solid wood bed material? Do not worry, the following Xiaobian For your specific introduction.

1, ash wood bed

Ashwood has the characteristics of this wood, including beautiful patterns, toughness, coating performance and bonding performance is also very good. Ash wood bed it is very good to create a modern minimalist style, if you like this style, you can also consider the ash wood bed.

2, Birch wood bed

Birch material is more heavy hard, delicate structure and smooth, strong. Due to the structural features of birch, the solid wood bed made of birch looks a touch of elegance in it. But also remind you, there is a disadvantage of birch is not wear-resistant, non-corrosion-resistant, will be easier to crack after drying.

3, mahogany solid wood bed

The durability of mahogany, shiny and smooth cutting surface, while its relatively hard material. Mahogany wood bed Most of it has a classic style in which, so you like classical style, solid wood bed can also be worth considering.

4, Willow solid wood bed

Willow wood is a more modest material, the structure is also slightly thick, it is easier to process, the corrosion resistance is also better, we can see the durability of Willow solid wood bed is still very strong.

5, Elm wood bed

Elm not only the pattern is more beautiful, coarse structure, and processing performance is better, finishing performance can be. At the same time, it also has a disadvantage that it is poor in dryness and easy to crack and warp. However, the price, as Elm is more common, so elm wood bed or not expensive, has the characteristics of popular consumer.

For everyone introduced a variety of solid wood bed, also reminded everyone in the purchase of solid wood bed need to pay attention to matters.

No matter what kind of wood you choose to buy a solid wood bed, learn from the scarring, cross-section and the three aspects of wood to identify the authenticity of solid wood.

1, in the scarred side of the location pay attention to the other opposite whether there is a corresponding pattern, pay attention to whether the wood inside and outside the corresponding good. If it is good, then it is pure solid wood.

2, pure solid wood cross-section of the color compared with the panel will be deeper.

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