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Wine Cabinet The Meaning Of

May 15, 2017

Wine cabinet The meaning of

Wine cabinet for many families, has become an indispensable landscape in the restaurant, it displays different wine gorgeous, can make the restaurant add a lot of gorgeous colors, watching the appetite is greatly increased.

In fact, wine cabinet (electronic wine cabinet) is not only a beautiful family in the decorations, but also to the family to bring lucky feng shui auspicious items. If your home wine cabinet placed in line with feng shui, it will play the role of lucky fortune. Poseidon Master from the years of experience summed up the following points for your reference. Most of the wine cabinet is tall and long, from the feng shui, this is a symbol of the mountain; short and flat table is a symbol of water. In the restaurant there are "mountain" with "water", with appropriate, great "house" symbolic meaning.

Wine cabinet size

Wine cabinet Here the size of the wine cabinet is custom wine cabinet size. Before the home decoration, we must first make the necessary measurements to determine the size of the wine cabinet, wine cabinet size design should also be practical to the principle of wine cabinet size, not for the pursuit of aesthetics and the lack of practical, The future of daily life inconvenience, the size of the wine cabinet should also take full account of the coordination with the home, not because the size of the wine cabinet damage to the overall coordination of the home.

Wine cabinet What is the size of the? First of all to consider the use of wine cabinet, is the home, or commercial. If it is home, the size of the wine cabinet is not a unified standard, according to the space of the home and place the actual location of the wine cabinet can be designed to increase or decrease. If it is commercial, such as the bar of the wine bar, usually contains two parts, part of the base cabinet, such a size between the height of 600mm, the thickness of about 500mm, the size of the cabinet is not more than 2000mm height, thickness does not exceed 350mm, if it is attached to the bar, the height of the wine bar bar according to ergonomics is usually between 1000 ~ 1200mm. In order to facilitate the wine, the distance between the wine cabinet and the bar is usually between 900mm.

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